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How ASB missed a simple trick that confuses their customers everyday

Phil Roberts - Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Late in 2010 Droga5 did a fantastic job of rebranding ASB Bank. Despite the vastness of this task, no stone was left unturned in regard to brand application. The bank had a complete image overhaul from in-bank livery right down to the smallest in-bank detail - including all stationery, banking slips, deposit envelopes and fax headers.

However, there is one crucial item that was overlooked and ASB customers are confused every day because of this oversight. The look of the new cash cards. (Eftpos etc)

The appearance of any item needs to follow the purpose and use of that item. While the branding on these cards is consistent with the new look, it is their use has not been considered well enough.

Why? Because they all look identical.

Missing a design solution fit for purpose

Customers that have more than one card have a problem - they can't tell which one is which.

I, for example have 3 (credit, savings, and cash) and have while one is on the way out (it doesn't work in the local café or Whitcoulls eftpos machines). I have held on to it as it is silver and easily distinguishable.

When I went recently to get a new card I raised the observation with the teller. "Yes" she said, "we do get some cross people. They accidently spend money from accounts they didn't want to spend from."

"So, how will I distinguish this one from the other two", I asked.

"Well, you could write on it I suppose - lots of other customers do", she replied.

"Yes", was my response. "But I really shouldn't have to."

A simple visual demarkation of these cards would assist thousands of ASB customers to make transactions hassle-free, without error and without wasting time rustling around in handbags, wallets etc.

It was pointed out that ASB have the facility for customers to use a single card for all transactions, which would get around this problem.

This is a good work around but really customers shouldn't need to change their habits just because somebody dropped the ball on such a basic "form follows function" issue.

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