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Get a website that’s both smartphone and wallet-friendly
for $100 per month*. No deposit.

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smartphone friendly websites *Minimum term: 12 months. After 12 months payments reduce to $50 per month. Payment via Direct Credit or PayPal. Prices exclude GST.

Why pay a massive deposit to a website company?

If you want a more affordable, cashflow-friendly alternative to the big outlay you'll pay for some websites, get a Brighter Easybiz website for no money down.

For $100 per month you get:

  • tick A fully functioning website that works on mobile phone, tablet and desktop
  • tick Quick and easy way for you to make content changes/edits (CMS)
  • tick Built-in database that stores customer/prospect info (CRM) and helps manage client relations
  • tick10 HTML email templates. Send e-marketing to 3,000 recipients per month for no additional costs
  • tickUnlimited email support
  • tick 6 short, easy-to-follow video tutorials to help you make changes (5 mins max).

See a video tutorial example: http://screencast.com/t/0AkMzWl8Iaq

Get started for FREE Pay only when you want to make your site live

Pay nothing until you are ready

When you launch our online website builder it will create a full site but you'll only start paying once you are ready to take it live. The entire site is FREE up until this point.

No deposit websites are ideal for:

  • anyone who wants to avoid a huge dent in their cash-flow
  • those on modest budgets
  • those who prefer spending money on marketing their website not building it

Why you need a smartphone-friendly website

According to TNS research from April 2013:

  • 60 percent of New Zealanders own a smartphone, compared to 33 percent in 2012
  • Tablet ownership is up from 7 percent last year to 19 percent this year

With the huge increase in smartphone and tablet usage for web browsing, keeping your site as a "desktop only" version will alienate an ever increasing sector of your customer base.

Get started for FREE Site is free until you need to make it live

What does an easybiz website look like?

Here are two designs. We release a new one every month.

Design 1: Ideal for aircon installers, electricians, builders, plumbers, roofers, mechanicsDesign 2: Ideal for yoga teachers, fitness instructors, pilates, personal trainers, sports clubs

See a live preview of Design 1 here.

See a live preview of Design 2 here.

So what’s the catch?

There is no catch but to bring you this great offer, there are some restrictions:

  • Websites delivered with placeholder text and images (replace with your content - our videos show you how)
  • Support is via email and video tutorial only
  • Payment via Direct Credit or Paypal only
  • Minimum term 12 months

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